A New Path Forward: Positivity and Lifestyle

This winter has been the hardest for me in terms of depression. I feel like I should be so much further ahead. What I mean by that is further along in my healing journey, further along in my brand awareness, further along in my life in general. All of that unnecessary pressure is part of the reason I’ve been depressed. I mentioned that I was looking for a new direction and guidance for the blog. Well I finally think I’ve found it: positivity.

My MG seems to be behaving for the most part. I haven’t had a stint in the hospital or a trip to the emergency room in over a year. *knocks on wood*. Yet I still find myself stuck on the MG merry go round of anxiety panic and depression. That usually prompts me to write a post in which many can relate to because you know all too well the frustrations I’m dealing with. But other than venting, what good is it doing? We’re just stewing in our tribulations.

I decided that I’m not doing that anymore. Well I may do it here and there but I’m going to be intentional about releasing more positive content. This does not meant that I’m no longer writing about having myasthenia gravis or an autoimmune disease. It means that I want to push myself and those who interact with me to do and feel better. It’s going to require a change in perspective.

This year I plan to focus on things to combat the negative effects myasthenia has had on my life. This includes any and everything from finding foods to aid with fighting fatigue and inflammation, to reasonable exercises to help stay active and release endorphins to DIY projects to natural hair and skin care to reduce the amount of toxins placed in and on the body to meditation to journal entries to self love exercises etc. I mean the sky is the limit.

My hope is by the end of this year we will be physically and/or mentally healthier than we were when we started this year. 2019 we are going to be positive. We are going to be fearless. We are going to be our best and truest selves despite what our immune systems may have in mind.

Stay Tuned. I’m excited. The best is yet to come.


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