Welcome to Is Was Will Be! A website that focuses on the journey not the destination. Scroll down to learn more about the blog itself and the spoonie behind it.

About IWWB

Empowering spoonie women through honest conversations of illness, wellness and lifestyle Is Was Will Be is all about being transparent and motivating women to live their illest lives.  What started as a coping mechanism after being diagnosed with a rare chronic illness (Myasthenia Gravis) and needing a way to vent has now transformed into a dare I say a purpose and passion. Since then, I’ve focused on growing as a woman and a spoonie. I realized that even in my weakened state, my story was not over. I may have an ill life but it’s a life worth living. Writing has been a passion of mine forever. I’ve decided to use my powers for good by sharing my perspectives to hopefully inspire and empower other spoonie women. Simple as that.  Hope you enjoy my journey throughout the blog!

You can learn more about me (MG – the person) and the creation of this site down below.

Accept what IS. Release what WAS. Embrace what WILL BE.”

About Morgan

Meet Morgan of IWWB

“I just know I want more.  I need more.”

Life comes at you fast. There are so many things beyond your control: failures, setbacks, heartbreaks and the like. But I believe that in spite of all those things, you can still create a life that you find to be meaningful. A life that you made happen.

“I believe that I was put here to do more than just exist.”

Allow me to introduce myself. Hi! I’m Morgan. You can call me Morg or Morgz. Morgo. MG. Crazy lady. Whatever you like.  Just don’t call me Mo. As an aspiring lifestyle blogger/writer with an auto immune disease, I write not only for myself and my own passion, I write for those just like me. Those who have been knocked off their paths or who are tired of just existing and who want more or who are looking to reclaim control of their lives and foster their own happiness. Serving as both therapy and accountability for me, this blog will offer realistic perspectives, food for thought, words of encouragement, random laughs and tips to guide you away from simply existing and jettison you towards the life you dream of.  Or at the very least, the blog will entertain you by unveiling the daily foolishness I encounter.

“I am on a mission to not let life happen to me. I want to create a life meant for me.”

In all honesty, life’s been good to me. By age 25, I had 2 degrees, my own townhome, a car, and great paying job. I don’t personally know a lot of people with stories like mine, so I don’t take it for granted. But I didn’t feel happy. I felt like something was missing. If you’ve ever just gone through the motions of the day to day without any real joy or satisfaction, I’m sure you can relate. I continued to live my cookie cutter life and ignored that voice. I lived on autopilot until I got sick. Ever since I was diagnosed with MG, that nagging void has magnified. There has been an increase in tough times, slight battles with depression and days when I ask “WHY ME?”  You can read more about MG and my diagnosis story here.

I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me. But I know I have to change the way I do a lot of things. I know that even with my MG, I want my life to be meaningful and that don’t want to be defined by the things I have no control over. The moment I realized that I I’m not happy with the current state of “Morgan” I took responsibility for my life and my happiness. That’s what this blog is: my starting point. Here is where I will share my journey of exposing my weaknesses, overcoming my obstacles, dealing with the day to day, defining what happiness looks like for me and most importantly my quest to attain it. I challenge you to not only share the journey with me, but start one of your own.

It is my hope that through my words, you will find the fuel to ignite your own personal revolution. That you will finally start living according to your own definitions and go for your happiness. There’s no easy button. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, next week or even next month. But if you just start, one day you will be able to wake up to a life you made happen.

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