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Get it Right & Tight: Weight Gain and MG

One of the most difficult parts, for me, (it’s all difficult to be honest) is coping with the weight gain and mg. I’ve put on quite a few pounds due…



I had a follow up appointment with my myasthenia gravis specialist today. It didn’t go exactly the way I had hoped but overall it went pretty well. My main focus…


Summertime with Myasthenia Gravis

For the past week or so, the weather has been mostly sunny with temps above 90 here in the DMV. I think it’s safe to say that summer is here!…


One year down, a lifetime to go

No. This is not some sappy note to the love of my life. This isn’t a tale of romance or an ode of affection and adoration. It’s just a milestone.…


Ultralight Beams: Accepting MG

“Deliver us serenity. Deliver us peace. You know we need it.” Kanye West certainly is no mental health role model. But even a broken clock is accurate twice a day…


Hello: Is Was Will Be

Hello. It’s me. Don’t worry. I won’t go full Adele on you. (Not yet anyway. Not in the first post.) This is a just a simple introduction post. Welcome to my blog…


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