Self Love Project Check In

Hey Lovers!! It’s been two weeks since the launch of my Self Love Project. We’re half way through! And low and behold it’s actually Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect time to give an update on my progress so far.

If you aren’t familiar with the premise of the Self Love Project you should definitely go back and read my announcement post. All the details are there. As a refresher, part of my ritual was to right and affirmation for the day and then journal about that affirmation. I’m not going to share my journal entries but I will share my first 14 days of affirmations.

Affirmations Days 1-14

I am exactly where I’m supposed to be in my life.

Day 1

I am fearlessly going after everything I want in life.

Day 2

I am constantly creating dope memories with my loved one.

Day 3

Each day I take steps towards becoming the woman I want to be.

day 4

I am strong in ways I never knew existed.

Day 5

I only compare myself to who I was yesterday and strive to be better.

Day 6

I trust my intuition.

Day 7

I acknowledge my own self worth.

Day 8

I am a powerful creator.

Day 9

My life is destined to be amazing and limitless.

day 10

Abundance is present in ALL areas of my life.

Day 11

My inner beauty radiates from the inside out causing an outer glow.

Day 12

I wear happiness as the crown on my head, clothes on my body and shoes on my feet.

DaY 13

I am loving AND worth of love.

Now don’t come for my affirmations y’all. I’m new to this however my intention is pure. I stuck to the basic “I am” affirmation starter kit because that seemed the easiest. I’ll get better with time I’m sure.

Since starting I can definitely say that I feel the love; not just from myself for myself but it’s made me realize just how much love is in present in my life honestly. I’m beyond happy that I decided to start this challenge and that I have stayed consistent with it.

What are some of the affirmations you’ve been writing? Please drop those gems below. I wanna see the love glow.



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