Traveling with MG

I’ve talked about how my social life came to a screeching halt when I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. This included vacations and especially vacations to warmer climates because heat seems to aggravate my symptoms. The concept of traveling with mg is hard to wrap your mind around. The application is even harder. Environment factors play a huge part in triggering flare-ups and crises which can be difficult to manage when you’re not home. However, I decided that after a two year hiatus it was time for a much needed vacation. I took my talents to South Beach Miami.


Now you may ask why I would choose a warm climate to travel to when I already know that heat tends to be a trigger for me. I’m finally at a place in my treatment / journey in which I feel stable (medically). Most days are good. By good I mean I don’t feel miserable and dare I say I almost forget that I have myasthenia gravis (except when it’s pill time). None the less I feel like I have things under control.

I will say that I was definitely apprehensive throughout the entire process. What if I have a flare up? I’ll be so far from home, from my family, from my medical team. What if I travel all the way to Miami and it’s too hot for me to function and I’m forced to spend the entire time in the hotel room? That’d be a complete waste of money and I’d ruin the fun for others. I went back and forth with myself probably up until the day I left (well actually up until I booked my non-refundable flight). At the end of it all, I decided it was worth the risk. I honestly refuse to let myasthenia gravis dictate the rest of my life.

How’d it go?

I won’t lie. It was hot AF. But thankfully the weather provided me some solace by raining at least once a day and intermittent overcasts. Even with those indulgences, it seemed like after 10 minutes being outside I was sweating like a pig (thanks prednisone) and it was disgusting.

One of the main reasons to travel to South Beach is be near the action. You’re right in the thick of it, the restaurants, the bars, the nightlife, the beach. Everything is pretty much within walking distance. I found that I was able to walk the strip with ease and didn’t experience any fatigue or flare up. The only thing I felt was hot and wet.

While I took a risk by going to SoBe, I didn’t fully throw caution to the wind. I tried to do the same things I do when I’m home and it’s hot. Sitting or standing outside under the sun for any extended period of time was absolutely out of the question. Any time I was stationary I made sure to be in some type of shade, near a misting fan or in an air conditioned place.

The Pit

The most taxing part of the ordeal were the travel days. I think it was an overstimulation of people, smells, sounds, altitudes. Just the overstimulation of packing, getting to the airport, being on a plane confined to my seat, waiting ALMOST TWO HOURS for my luggage at baggage claim and then I still had to uber to my hotel and check in. It was all team too much. I was sleep by 10pm that first night. Lame AF for Miami I know. Give me a break.

Traveling home left me with a pretty similar experience in terms of feeling over stimulated and just wanting to recluse in my home. I stayed in bed for most of the following day making sure to give my body time to recuperate and get back into the normal swing of things. Does anyone know why it’s so taxing to travel?

The Peak

The whole trip was the peak. Just the fact that I was able to travel is the most humbling and satisfying part of the experience. I was able to go on vacation and my body didn’t completely freak out. I didn’t have to cut the trip short because of a crisis. That anxiety of “what if” when traveling has decreased. A little piece of old Morg has been added back to my puzzle.

There were of course other highlights like watching the sunrise from the balcony or sunset while in the pool; standing waist deep in the ocean while the warm waves splashed against me in a therapeutic rhythm; drinking copious amounts of alcohol and did I mention the food?!?! For the first time in a long time I was normal. No one knew I was ill. Just another woman in South Beach Miami enjoying herself. There was no mention of myasthenia gravis except when I received questions about the shirt I wore on travel day.

Was it the perfect trip? Depends on your definition of perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a geat reintroduction back into traveling and I can’t wait for my next vacation.

Next up on the docket is Vegas. I’ve never been but I hear it’s a completely different beast in terms of heat. And I’ll be going in July.


  • Morg the Jetsetter

PS. I flew out in my The Illest t-shirt. Do you like it?

Letting everyone in the airport know how ill I am

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