Trying to Lose Weight with Myasthenia Gravis

Trying to Lose Weight with Myasthenia Gravis

Guess what?! I managed to lose weight with myasthenia gravis. I’m so excited. Actually, I’m a little underwhelmed. But let’s shut down those negative Nancy vibes. *Rewinds* I managed to lose weight with myasthenia gravis.  Can you believe it? I can’t. 

If you’ve been following along for a while, you already know that one of my most hated limitations of having MG is that I had to quit exercising. Also, as I talked about here, prednisone caused me to blow up like a balloon.  I’ll admit that some of the weight gain may have been due to me eating my feelings and being depressed from diagnosis but pre-diagnosis I could eat like a man and still slide into my favorite skinny jeans with room to spare.  I remember the day my thighs busted through my jeans at work. Can you say mortified? Needless to say to be able to drop a few lbs is celebratory. 


I’ve done the research and spoken with my neurologist about it. There are many benefits to moving and exercising with mg. Moving can be anything: dancing, yoga, swimming, bike riding, walking. It doesn’t need to be weightlifting in the gym or training for a marathon. You just need to find the right movement for where you are in your journey.  

While some people think it’s vain to care about what you look like while ill, I think of it as a form of self-care. (Also of course they think it’s vain because the changes are happening to them). Anyway, I digress… I love my body (most of the time). More importantly, I only have one. To sit back and be complacent with it deteriorating and changing for the worst is a crime against myself. As I get to know my body more, I know what it’s capable of and what feels right.  


I’ve tried getting back into my fitness regimen many times of the past two years and each time I failed. Not due to lack of trying or will power. It was moreso I was doing too much too soon. I wanted it so badly I could taste it and I was willing to do whatever it took. That desperation translated into not listening when my body said enough. I’d do maybe a week of working out before my symptoms were flaring up and I was in borderline crisis. Those physical setbacks catapulted mental and emotional setbacks which can be equally as damaging. MG was winning.  I felt defeat every time I tried to lose weight with myasthenia gravis. 

This time was different though. I approached it in a new way. Instead of telling myself that I had to lose 10 lbs this month I told myself to just show up. Just do what you can. I may have planned to do 3 sets of 10 and had to modify and do 8. Yes my goal was with lose weight with myasthenia gravis but that wasn’t my focus. I channeled all my energy into showing up for myself and encouraging myself. I remember almost tripping and falling the first time back on the treadmill. Previously I would have just stopped and went home. I just slowed down and decided to walk the remaining time instead of run.  

Moving Forward 

Y’all already know I’m going to keep going. With less than 3 months to my bday I’m determined to enter the next decade of my life the best version of myself I can be. My method to success as I try to lose weight with myasthenia gravis is keeping in mind the “with mg” part. That’s a major key (as DJ Khaled would say).  Perspective is key.

Nope I didn’t have a major physical transformation this month but you know what? I did more than I did last month and next month I’ll outdo this month. If I keep it up I’ll be IG baddie /snack level in no time.



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